Here's 10 ways-to-burn-300-calories with the Doc

Here's 10 ways-to-burn-300-calories with the Doc

You’re probably familiar with the classic weight loss calculation, tried and true. The calories you burn in a day must be greater than those consumed to equal a calorie deficit. The best way to do this is through eating well and exercising regularly. Whether you have the whole day free or can only spare 15 minutes, want a slower pace or a sweat fest, a classic workout or something a little bit different – here’s 10 ways-to-burn-300-calories.

Quick Fix (30 minutes or less)

  1. Get in the spirit of the Winter Olympics and take to the ice skating rink for just half an hour! If you want to take things back to the 70’s, roller skating will also do the trick!
  2. Dust off your bike and get to cycling at a moderate pace for just 26 minutes.
  3. Keep it classic and hit the streets for a 30 minute jog.
  4. Short on time? 20 minutes of kick-boxing will have you feeling good (and help burn off that extra serve of pasta you had for lunch).
  5. Pick up a kettle bell for only 15 minutes and you’ll be on your way.

Feel The Burn (30 – 45 minutes)

  1. Get creative! If you’re moving house or want to arrange your furniture – go for it! Moving heavy furniture will have you huffing, puffing, and burning 300 caloires in just 35 minutes.
  2. Rowing is a total body workout. You’ll engage your hamstrings, quads, calves, abs, triceps and lower-back muscles all while getting your heart pumping. 40 minutes at a moderate pace will give you a well earned calorie burn!

In It For The Long Haul (1 hour or more)

  1. Take in the views or catch up on your favourite TV shows while walking at a steady pace for roughly 52 minutes.
  2. Cash in on your partner being able to improve your health by doing a dance class. An hour session of ballroom dancing will not only burn calories, but improve your bond as a couple (and your dance skill).
  3. 67 minutes of ashtanga yoga will also do the trick.

Take It Further (Extra Tips and Tricks from the Doc)

  1. Protein can work effectively to regulate the appetite, support lean muscle and encourage significant weight loss. Using a quality protein like the Doc’s plant based Pea Protein or Whey Protein Isolate powder can help you feel fuller for longer and keep the total food volume down.
  2. Avoiding the consumption of excessive calories will also help you see the results from your hard work – replacing high calorie foods like cookies and fried foods for vegetables and wholegrains will feed your body the nutrients it needs and help you stay in calorie deficit.
  3. Remember that the number of calories you burn for any given activity will depend on your size and the intensity and efficiency with which you perform the exercises. The examples above have been estimated for a 70 kg person.
  4. Any activity is better than no activity! Getting moving for even 10 minutes a day will help with your weight management and your heart health.

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