Corporate Enquires

This is an Australian first and an exciting new opportunity in the world of preventative medicine. Join the movement and become a leader in preventative health care.

We know that 80% of presentations in general practice are lifestyle based. This means that 4 out of 5 people that present to you everyday can potentially benefit from a degree of fat loss.

We’re incredibly proud to introduce to you Australia’s only Doctor prescribed weight loss meals for fat loss and the optimisation of metabolic health. These weight loss meals are only and exclusively available through a Doctor.

These meals are designed to show your patients what portion controlled, nutritionally complete meals look, feel and taste like. They are designed to educate your patients on how to eat, and change their lifestyle in the long term.


Australians spend over $600 million per year on weight loss services. Obesity is a national health priority in Australia and if left unchecked, will cost the Australian economy up to $87.7billion over the next 10yrs.


In primary care, Doctors have the incredible opportunity of seeing people at the early stages of their disease or ideally before these diseases even become apparent. Doctors, in primary care, are ideally and uniquely placed to help manage lifestyle based conditions. They can help change the lives of their patients in a very effective and unique way.

We will give you the ability to reliably measure and monitor your patients body composition and biometrics. This will give you the option to specifically prescribe weight loss meals for your individual patient based on this information.

It will help you guide your patients through long term lifestyle change, so they can enjoy the benefits of better health, not just weight loss alone.

We aim to cultivate a proactive culture that takes a preventative approach to health instead of a reactive one that seeks wellness only after symptoms of ageing, illness or disease.

Our unique medical program that encourages people to transform their lifestyle and make long term sustainable changes. We set our patients up for success through the entire process, with individualised biometric measurements leading to personalised fat loss meal plans which help transform people’s long term lifestyle habits. It is our mission and passion to help them reach their optimal levels of good health, overall wellness and vitality under the professional expertise and guidance of our doctors.


If you are interested, we can demonstrate to you the steps that you need to take to incorporate this into your general practice.

We are currently expanding in the areas of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, Western Australia, ACT, and all states and Territories across Australia. The Doc's weight loss meal program provides you and your various practices with significant benefits. Exploring the world of preventative medicine is the first step if shifting your practice from a disease based, to a wellness based model with a greater capacity for private, self directed billing.

If you are interested in being part of the new preventative wave of medicine, contact us at to submit your interest.