Why-You-Should-Eat-Like-A-Doctor: The Doc's Best Tips To Help Improve Your Diet

Why-You-Should-Eat-Like-A-Doctor: The Doc's Best Tips To Help Improve Your Diet

So many health concerns can be prevented, and resolved simply by making better choices when it comes to food. Our Doctors know this. That’s why our program focuses on proactive health and long-term lifestyle modification; an attitude that has been the key to our success, and that of our customers. Check out these five reasons why-you-should-eat-like-a-doctor to achieve and maintain your health goals.

Nourish Don’t Deprive

The whole point of food is to nourish our bodies; and make sure that every biochemical process happens effectively to keep us up and running. Eating to nourish your body shouldn’t be a tough feat. In fact, eating better is one of the simplest choices you can make to improve your health. High-quality proteins, fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, and heart-healthy produce promote a healthy body weight, help prevent diseases and fuel your body to run at maximum efficiency. You wouldn’t put diesel in a petrol car, so why put anything less than nourishing in your body? After all 100 calories from lollies is going to have a vastly different effect than 100 calories you get from any vegetable.

All of our Doctor’s Kitchen meals (Yep, even for weight-loss) are free from potentially harmful chemicals that find their way into commercially packaged food products like preservatives, additives, flavours, colours, and emulsifiers.

Prioritise Plants

There is simply no other food group as perfectly matched to our bodies needs as vegetables. A vegetable-rich diet can help you protect you from health issues like arthritis, heart disease, strokes, and can even help slow down the ageing process. Outstandingly only 6.8% of Aussies are getting enough vegetables in their diet. Our Doc’s are on a mission to change this and encourage everyone to start reaping the benefits of these nutritional superheroes. If you’re in the majority that is skimping on the veggie front you are missing out on some incredible benefits beyond preventative health measures including clearer skin, improved energy, and wellbeing, and boosted immune function.

Our meals take advantage of vegetable’s (particularly those leafy greens) as an excellent source of fibre, antioxidants, and phytochemicals. Vegetables are also amazingly versatile. Raw, steamed, roasted or in one of our green juices are just some of the fantastic, tasty ways to sneak in some more veggies and reach your servings for the day. Plus most vegetables are low in both fat and calories. Bonus! Check out our Doc’s recommendations for the best vegetables to work into your diet this Spring.

Know Your Calories

Don’t be afraid of calories. They are simply a measure of energy and are particularly important if you have a specific weight or health goal. Bodies are able to break down food molecules and use the stored energy for movement, thought, and growth. Because of this, it is important to provide your body with enough sustenance for your physical output. That’s why our Doc’s individualise meal plans to each person’s calorie specific needs!

Long-term, Sustainable Health, and Wellbeing

The Doctor’s Kitchen is not just ‘another fad diet’. Our program focuses on proactive health and long-term lifestyle modification, not a quick-fix that is destined to fail in the long term. When you join the Doctor’s Kitchen, you join a family who works hand-in-hand with you to achieve your goals. As well as regular check-ins with our Doctor’s who can answer your questions and support you to keep you on track. More than anything, however, our Doc’s focus on fat loss. We don’t just want you lighter, we want you more healthy for the rest of your life!

Convenience to Succeed

The convenience of having purely delicious, wholesome and nutritionally balanced meals on hand means you can learn how to put together a healthy meal, and understand the best portion size for you without hassle or time out of your busy schedule. Gary is just one example of how convenient the Doc’s weight loss plan is, and how it can change your life.

With Spring in full swing, make the most of this change of season and lose fat for good with The Doc’s weight-loss meals. They’re calorie + portion controlled to you by our Docs to ensure that your weight and health goals are reached! Just $10 a meal. Book in with one of our Docs + start next Tuesday.

The Doctor’s Kitchen and our doctors service all Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, and Toowoomba areas.

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