What is your real-biological-age – and does it mean anything for your health?

As it turns out there are two ways to look at age; which can explain why we may feel older (or younger) than we are! The first step in reclaiming your youth is to figure out what your real-biological-age is – the number that reveals the damage that’s been done (or avoided) during your turns around the globe (chronological age). So, just how old are you really?! And, what does this mean for your health? Let the Doc walk you through what your biological age might be telling you about your health.

The Difference?

Have you ever met someone that you were surprised was the same age as you? Studies suggests that the body’s decline (including physical appearance) is not due to the passing of years but to the combined effects of inactivity, poor nutrition and illness – much of which can be controlled. It is suggested that regardless of your chronological age or present physical condition, the ageing process can be slowed.

Chronological age refers to the actual number of years you’ve been alive; while biological age is a measure of the age and the state of your cells and your body, metabolic and energy processes taking place in the body relative to your age on the calendar. Your biological age takes into account a number of factors including your diet, lifestyle, exercise, and sleeping habits; as well as your genetics, are just some of the precursors that determine how you will age.

Find out your biological (metabolic) age!

You can book in with one of our Docs to find out what your biological age is. It is suggested that your biological age should ideally be lower than your chronological age and if it exceeds it, you may need to reconsider your current lifestyle and diet choices. Obesity increases the rate of human morbidity and mortality and is recognised as an independent risk factor in coronary artery disease, type II diabetes, hypertension.

What does your biological age mean?

If you get an older “biological age” on any of these calculators, don’t get too worried about the exact number — it’s not a direct measure of ageing or life expectancy. But, it might mean you have a risk factor for chronic disease that could be reduced. Ask your Doctor how much can lifestyle and medication options reduce my risk of disease? You can book in with any one of our Doctors by clicking here.

How to re-claim your youth?

It is suggested that the first and most important biomarker of aging is determined by lean mass followed by strength, basal metabolic rate and body fat percentage. Our Docs are focused on reducing body fat, visceral fat but maintaining as much as possible your muscle mass. Increased exercise (but critically strength / resistance training) helps to build healthy lean muscle tissue, which in turn will improve metabolic age and importantly, your long term inner health and general wellbeing.

If you don’t engage in weight-bearing resistance exercise and maintain a sufficient protein intake, it is suggested that adults lose healthy lean mass and gain unwanted body fat, even without an apparent change in weight.

Research suggests that with only 50 minutes a day of aerobic exercise and strength training (a pivotal component of reclaiming your youth!), can help you:

  • regain muscle loss and increase strength
  • re-energize the body and actually lose body fat
  • increase aerobic capacity
  • reduce the chances of developing age-related conditions such as heart disease, Type II diabetes, and osteoporosis;

The Doc’s weight loss meals and our Doctor’s approach in monitoring your biometrics (which includes your biological age) helps track the effectiveness of your weight loss plan to ensure that you are losing fat but maintaining your muscle for your overall health.

Forever Young

If you feel as though you need to turn back the clock than lucky for you the answer is right here. Improving your lifestyle habits and diet, sleeping better, drinking more water, and living your life more fully – on top of being great for your body and mind – can drastically improve your biological age and inner health.

We are seeing this first hand at The Doctor’s Kitchen with the incredible work that our Doctors are doing day to day! In fact, Brisbane mum Kelly took 14 years off her biological age after just six months of improved health habits. While Gary took his biological age from 66 to 46 – well below his chronological age of 60!

You can book in with one of our Docs at the Carina Medical & Specialist Centre, Carina,  Rosalie Milton Clinic, Auchenflower and Aqua Marine Medical Centre & Skin Clinic, Redland Bay, Baywest Medical Centre, Wynnum West to get started on the Doc’s weight loss meals.

The Doctor’s Kitchen, weight loss meals and our doctors service all Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and Toowoomba areas.

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