Casey’s weight loss success & health-transformation with the Doc

The Doctor’s Kitchen Australia partnered with our friends Stav, Abby & Matt at Hit105FM, as well as Go Health Clubs, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre, and the ever stylish Individual Style 101 to give four very deserving ladies a refreshing new look… from the inside and out! Over the next few weeks we’ll be personally introducing these remarkable women, and celebrating their health-transformation with the Doc.

Casey, dedicated mum and business owner from Brisbane, lost 7kgs in 6 weeks with the Doc’s weight loss meals. Casey was eager to burn her old eating habits, and improve her weight and health. On top of her daily comittments and back-breaking, hand-cramping work as a florist – washing, lifting, and filling heavy buckets, and stripping rose thorns, Casey had worn herself down physically, mentally and emotionally, and had found herself in a dark place. Luckily, she realised that she needed to make some changes for her own benefit, knowing that she would become a better mum, partner, and friend as a result.

Results Speak For Themselves

Casey’s goals were more about her “mindset than any physical changes, although losing weight was certainly a bonus!” she said. She wanted needed help with readjusting her portion sizes, and meal options to “get out of a rut” she said. “I felt like I was cooking and eating the same old things, and not necessarily eating the most nutritious options. I was uninspired, and needed a kickstart into eating for energy,” Casey said.

On top of these amazing physical and wellbeing results Casey explains that almost immediately her energy levels changed.

There were days prior to the program where I ‘technically’ ate and slept, and did all the things I was supposed to do – or so I thought – but I still felt like a zombie.

Relying heavily on coffee and energy drinks to make it through the busy days juggling a family and running a small business there was often no energy left for anything else. However, with The Doctor’s Kitchen, Casey says she felt an instant shift in her mood and energy levels. “More often than not I didn’t even notice I hadn’t had my coffee for the day. I didn’t need, or crave, that sugar or caffiene high to pick me up – I was already up!”

A Simple Starting Point

As a dedicated mum and business owner, Casey had been putting herself last for far too long.

The Doctor’s Kitchen is not a “quick fix” or a “fad diet”. Our weight loss meals because we have real doctors who are focused to ensure that you lose your body fat and visceral fat but maintain your muscle and monitor this on an ongoing basis until you reach your weight or health goals.

Having The Doctor’s Kitchen was actually the easiest meal plan / eating plan I have ever tried. It really was a non-diet way to eat myself into a better shape.

This is exactly why Casey has been so successful with us! Eating such a rainbow of colours, variety of foods, and being spoilt with meals like Mediterranean roasted vegetables with haloumi for breakfast, a personal favourite of Casey’s, made her journey “exciting and energising”. In fact, while eating our meals Casey never felt like she was missing out. “Most meals I had quite a few prying eyes and hands trying to steal a bite of my food as it was so delicious and exciting to eat,” she said.

Casey loved that starting on the Doc’s meals meant the stress of ‘what should I eat, when and how much’, was all gone. “It made it feel like a treat, not a chore to be loosing weight and eating well, and gave me so much more energy to exercise and be active.”

The Doctor’s Kitchen Difference

Having the Doc on hand for a weekly follow up and to answer and assist with any and all questions was “exceptionally helpful” to her weight loss success and wellbeing and “a cut above”.

When we asked Casey what she enjoyed the most about her Doctor’s Kitchen experience, we weren’t surprised when she told us “Hands down, THE FOOD! Without the food, the delicious meals, and excitement I got from unboxing every delivery to see what my week had in store I doubt I would have been as successful.”

Most days I was the envy of the office with what looked like I had suddenly employed my own personal gourmet chef.

Casey was incredibly happy eating wholesome, and healthy foods that were focused on nourishing rather than just filling.

Luckily, The Doc’s food is easily re-created as well. Casey says, “I can honestly say I had never tried Chia before The Doctor’s Kitchen, but the chocolate chia pudding with almonds is now a favourite in my house! It is insane how delicious it is and so easily adapated to a dessert, a breakfast, or a snack.”

Find the Energy to Kickstart Your Health

Casey isn’t the Doc’s only health success story. Fellow Brisbane mum Jody also took our makeover challenge. While GaryMark, and Kelly have also seen incredible weight loss transformations; with a combined weight loss of 48.3 kg’s! Hit105FM’s Abby Coleman also took the plunge and has seen significant reductions in body fat! Our Doctors have also assisted patients in the resolution of Type 2 diabetes, impaired glucose intolerance, and improvements in hypertension, lipid profiles, lean muscle mass and metabolic syndrome.

The Doctor’s Kitchen provides naturally healthy and nutritionally balanced meals for all diet and lifestyle choices; including complete dairy and gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian options. We want to meet your body’s needs with our portion and calorie-controlled weight loss meals; that focus on achieving and maintaining long-term good health. Head to the Doc’s website or email us at 

Our Doctors service all Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich areas.

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