How-much-exercise? The real cost of junk food

How-much-exercise? The real cost of junk food

It’s easy to be tempted by soft drinks at lunch on a hot day or an easy take out dinner after a long day but, would you think twice if you knew how-much-exercise you would have to do to burn off those calories?


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The approximate recommended daily calorie intake for the average adult male is 2400 and 1800 for the average adult female.* However, the incredibly high calorie content of these junk foods makes it easy to consume 50% or more of your approximate recommended daily calorie intake for an entire day in a single meal!

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To understand your recommended daily calorie intake, book in to see one of our team of Doctors. Everyone is different, so your calorie intake may be different from someone else who is the same age / height / weight as you. Just like Abby Coleman, Commercial Radio Host, Hit105 Brisbane did!

Large Big Mac Meal

For example, a large Big Mac (490 cal) meal which includes a large sized fries (460 cal), and large coke (300 cal) means that you’re consuming 1250 calories. Which is nearly most of your daily take! So how-much-exercise will it take to burn off these calories?

  • female approximately 71 minutes of running up stairs
  • male approximately 58 minutes of running up stairs

to work off this single meal!

The Doc recommends limiting your intake of junk food if you’re trying to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. If you find that you’re too busy to cook healthy, the Doctor can sort you out with his 5 Days of delicious, fresh and healthy food!

MyFitnessPal have done the hard work and have suggested that the following junk foods carry the following cost!

Junk food Calories Exercise
Coca-Cola 300ml Can 139 32-39 minutes of push-ups
Cadbury's Dairy Milk Bar - 45g 237 55-67 minutes of rowing
McDonald's Big Mac 490 41-50 minutes of vigorous jumping jacks
Hungry Jack's Whopper Without Cheese 677 158-191 minutes of kickboxing
Grill'd Big Queensland 780 55 minutes of running up stairs
McDonald's Large Fries 460 46-56 minutes of light/moderate swimming
Grill'd Regular Chips 409 35-44 minutes of touch football
3 KFC Chicken Pieces 726 34-41 minutes of running up stairs
Average male (175.6cm, 85.9kg), Average female (161.8cm, 71.1kg)

If you plan ahead, living a sustainable healthy lifestyle is easy with the Doc’s range of vegan, gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian, pescatarian and healthy balance menus. Just remember to place your order by 10am Thursday!


Australian Bureau of Statistics


* The Healthy Food Guide Nutrition Guidelines (

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