CUA Health Insurance announces landmark partnership with the Doctor's Kitchen Australia

CUA Health Insurance announces landmark partnership with the Doctor's Kitchen Australia

The Doctor’s Kitchen is now included as a CUA Health Insurance Member Benefit

The Doctor’s Kitchen, Australia’s most innovative weight loss program, is excited to announce its new partnership with CUA Health Insurance.

From July, CUA Health Insurance will allow eligible members to claim a rebate of anywhere between $100 and $300 off the price of The Doctor’s Kitchen prescribed weight-loss meal programs.

CUA Health Insurance is the first health fund in Australia to take this proactive step in supporting their members’ wellness goals by partnering with The Doctor’s Kitchen.  The partnership enables The Doctor’s Kitchen to deliver effective weight loss and disease prevention solutions at an affordable rate to people suffering from obesity-related health issues.

Founded in Brisbane by GP Dr Phillip Wuth, The Doctor’s Kitchen helps Australians improve their health and increase their quality of life through science-based dietary aid and a holistic approach to care which empowers individuals in their weight loss and health transformations.  The Doctor’s Kitchen partners with GPs all over Queensland, in Sydney and in Perth to provide equal access to its program on a local level across Australia. 

“The incorporation of The Doctor’s Kitchen prescribed weight loss meal program into private health insurance programs brings exponential opportunities for us to have a positive influence on the health and lifestyle of people across Australia in a very unique and preventative way. This collaboration means that eligible CUA Health insurance members will now be able to claim a rebate to begin this life changing program, to optimise and gain health, not just lose weight, through local participating GPs,” Dr Wuth said.

“My main goal is to prevent disease, maximise quality of life and keep patients out of hospital. This is why The Doctors Kitchen was established.”

This is accomplished by connecting members with their local participating GPs, who can guide them through the program and provide optimal wellness assistance. The Doctor’s Kitchen also offers Australia-wide online consultations for members that do not have direct access to a participating GP.

Through the ready-meal-prep service Youfoodz, The Doctor’s Kitchen offers three different doctor-approved meal plans, of 1000, 1200 and 1500 calories each, which are chock full of nutrients and clean ingredients to help members realise their weight-loss and health management goals. 

The weight-loss meal plans and the prescribed program are designed by medical experts at The Doctor’s Kitchen to drastically reduce the risk of many serious chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, some musculoskeletal conditions, and some cancers by targeting a common root cause – excess weight.

Recent statistics indicate that 67 percent of Australian adults are overweight or obese, a number which has doubled in the last 10 years. The direct and indirect financial ramifications of obesity in Australia are currently estimated to be approximately $11.8 billion. It is projected that in another 10 years more than 40 percent of Australians will fall into the obese category, and the financial burden to the Australian economy will balloon to an estimated $87.7 billion by 2025. These figures do not account for the massive costs to the quality of life experienced by individuals suffering from poor health due to obesity, and the impact on their families.

“By partnering with The Doctor’s Kitchen, CUA is taking a preventative stance against these undesirable outcomes and is actively promoting their members’ wellness by providing greater access to medically based, doctor-endorsed programs which counter and address chronic disease brought on by poor diet and weight management,” Dr Wuth added.

“The addition of The Doctor's Kitchen weight loss program as a member benefit for CUA could have a considerable beneficial effect on the long-term health and lifestyle of CUA’s members, as well as the reputation and expenditure of CUA and its shareholders.

“Not only will this partnership increase CUA member quality of life, and thus loyalty, it will significantly reduce future costs claims on medical interventions for preventable chronic illnesses and promote CUA to a new base of potential members.

“We are absolutely ecstatic to be partnering with CUA to help members improve their quality of life and reduce the likelihood of developing chronic disease.”

CUA was recently acquired by HBF Health Insurance, and The Doctor’s Kitchen aims to partner with HBF Health Insurance, and every other health fund in Australia, to incorporate this preventative service as part of their health insurance. This will vastly improve the health of everyday Australians and help The Doctor’s Kitchen achieve its goal of healing Australia’s obesity problem with proper diet, nutrition and the support of participating local GPs.

To find out more about health fund eligibility and how it works, click here.

To start the Doctor's prescribed program, or for more information, click here. 

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