Brisbane mother of 9 kids | Jody’s weight-loss-success with the Doc

Brisbane mother of 9 kids | Jody’s weight-loss-success with the Doc

The Doctor’s Kitchen Australia partnered with our friends Stav, Abby & Matt at Hit105, as well as Go Health Clubs, Indooroopilly Shopping Centre and the very stylish and personal, Individual Style 101 to give four very deserving ladies a refreshing new look… from the inside and out! Over the next few weeks we’ll be personally introducing these remarkable women, and celebrating their weight-loss-success and health outcomes with the Doc.

Jody, a mother of 9 (yes, you’ve read it right, nine very lucky children) realised her kids were missing out on quality mum time, in part, due to her health and her weight. After hearing about the opportunity to be a part of Abby’s 4 week makeover challenge, Jody was inspired to have the energy for her family again – and, of course, to feel good looking in the mirror – a day-to-day occurrence that she had avoided for a long time.


Jody Wright, 42yo, Brisbane

Jody’s Experience

An incredibly busy mum with a full-time job, Jody found herself in a place where she avoided mirrors and photos, and lacked the time and energy to focus on her eating habits, or her weight. A self-confessed “drive-through maniac”, Jody knew it was time to change and establish good habits for herself and her family.

The Doc prescribed Jody begin on breakfast, lunch and dinner at 1200 calories per day from the Doc’s Healthy Balance menu with weekly follow up appointments. The Doc’s weight loss meals which Jody committed to for a full 4 weeks were calorie and portioned controlled to her based on the Doc’s biometric composition and medical health assessment at the initial consult.

Jody credits the Doc’s weight loss meals and her weekly follow up appointments with the Doc for her success. The Doctor’s Kitchen is unique because the Doc monitors fat loss vs muscle loss. Maintaining your muscle will help maintain your metabolic rate making weight loss and weight management easier in the future.

Knowing that I have the complete support from a real doctor that is qualified and ensured that The Doctor’s Kitchen food was tailored to me meant that I had complete trust in the process. Everything was kept personal to my journey, and I felt supported the entire time.

An experience that Jody says is different to other diets and programs that she has tried previously. At The Doctor’s Kitchen we’re proud to say that our personalised service means promises made are promises kept!

Jody’s Results

After 4 weeks of the Doc’s weight loss meals, and with weekly follow up appointments with the Doc, Jody, looks more radiant than ever! She boosts a more confident look and she says she has seen a notable increase in her energy levels. This boost in energy has also given Jody the ability to start exercising regularly, to get herself back on track.

The Doctor’s Kitchen set out amazing yummy meals that can be followed easily so you can start learning how to prepare healthier meals. My favourite meal was the Doc’s Fresh Fruits, yoghurt + Pepitas Seeds which is from the Healthy Balance menu.

Find the Energy to Kickstart Your Health

Jody isn’t our only success story. Fellow Brisbane-ite’s GaryMark, and Kelly have also seen incredible weight loss transformations; with a combined weight loss of 48.3 kg’s! Hit105FM’s Abby Coleman also took the plunge and has seen significant reductions in body fat! Our Doctors have also assisted patients in the resolution of Type 2 diabetes, impaired glucose intolerance, and improvements in hypertension, lipid profiles, lean muscle mass and metabolic syndrome.

The Doctor’s Kitchen provides naturally healthy and nutritionally balanced meals for all diet and lifestyle choices; including complete dairy and gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian options. We want to meet your body’s needs with our portion and calorie-controlled weight loss meals; that focus on achieving and maintaining long-term good health. Head to the Doc’s website or email us at 

Our Doctors service all Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and Ipswich areas.

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