What to expect on your journey on
The Doctor's Health & Wellbeing Program

supported by your health partner, Phoenix Health Insurance


Your life change starts now!

We are incredibly excited for you to begin your personal journey on the Doctor’s Health & Wellbeing Program managed by our Doctors to support you in transforming your health and lifestyle with the support of your invested health partner, Phoenix Health Fund.

Dr. Phillip Wuth


Do you qualify for the Program
fully funded by Phoenix Health Fund?

If you currently have hospital cover and identify as having a chronic disease or health condition or at risk of developing a chronic disease or health condition, you may be eligible to participate in the Doctor’s Health & Wellbeing program which is fully funded by Phoenix Health Fund and at no additional cost to you.

If your condition is related to, or associated with, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea, history of heart disease, chronic kidney disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, you may be eligible for the support of this Program by Phoenix Health Fund.

Phoenix Health Fund will invite you to take part in the Doctor’s Health & Wellbeing Program or you can enquire with Phoenix Health Fund directly as to your eligibility. 

If you would like to check your eligibility for the program and you are a Member of Phoenix Health Fund, please contact the Fund on 1800 028 817, the fund will then enrol you.

Program Overview

Step 1: Welcome call
by our dedicated nurses

First, you will be contacted by our dedicated nursing team to understand your health challenges and discuss your health and wellbeing goals and to get you started. We will provide you with an overview of the program and discuss the suitability of the program to support any current chronic condition / health condition that you may have. 

We will also arrange for your body composition scales to be delivered to you and book you in for your first Doctor's consultation.

Following this call, you will receive an email which sets out the steps you need to take before your first Doctor's consultation. You will also receive a step by step guide to using the scales, medical health results template (used by you to record your results from the scales), and healthy range chart (to understand your results).

This email will also ask you to download the Doctor’s Health & Weight Tracker APP (which can be found by searching “The Doctor’s Kitchen Australia” in the APP store). If you don’t have access to this, no problem, let our dedicated nursing staff know and we can arrange an alternative option for you to record your results.

Step 2: Your first Doctor's consultation

Your transformation starts at your first check in with your Doctor! 

At your first consult, the Doctor will:

- discuss your results from the body composition scales to help you understand your overall health (including weight, body fat %, body water %, muscle mass (kg), basal metabolic rate (BMR) (cal per day at rest), biological age, visceral fat rating, bone mass, and BMI)

- provide an initial health assessment and risk factors for chronic disease

- discuss how the Program will support your health and weight goals and any current chronic condition or health condition that you may have and how you are currently addressing with your treating GP, and the benefits of preventing these conditions from developing further

- recommend a calorie intake per day for your prescribed meals

Step 3: Your Doctor's Prescription

After your Doctor's consult, you will receive an email which includes the following information:

• your Doctor’s prescription for your calorie controlled meals
• your daily resistance training workout plan
• recipes and shopping lists for days without the meals
• how to access to the Doctor’s Health & Weight Tracker APP
• how to access to the Doc’s Blog (this will support you to stay focussed)

You must download the Doctor’s Health & Weight Tracker APP (found by searching “The Doctor’s Kitchen Australia”) from the APP store and enter the results that you discussed at your first Doctor’s consultation, unless you have arranged an alternative recording with our nursing team.

We recommend printing or saving your daily resistance training workout plan which you need to follow each day. This plan is tailored to your fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) and designed to help you maintain your lean muscle mass and support your weight and health goals while you are participating in the Program.

Step 4: Delivery of your calorie controlled meals

A dedicated Lite n' Easy consultant will contact you (by phone) within 2 business days after your first Doctor’s consultation to discuss any dietary requirements that you may have and arrange delivery of the recommended meals at the calorie intake prescribed by the Doctor.

The dedicated Lite n' Easy consultant will lock in your meal order and you will receive breakfast, lunch and dinner (and snacks if included) for 5 days a week for 6 weeks. You do not need to place an order for the meals as this will be arranged for you.

If you fall outside the reach of delivery of the prescribed meals, Phoenix Health Fund will be contacted for to obtain a referral of 6 weeks of dietician support (30- minute sessions per week). Our accredited dieticians will support you on your health journey, discuss the types of food that you should be eating, provide the necessary nutritional support and guidance that you need to understand the importance of portion sizes on your journey to better health.

Step 5: Your second Doctor's consultation (follow up)

One of our dedicated team will contact you to book you in for your second consultation with your Doctor. This will generally be 2 weeks after you have started the recommended meals. 

At this consultation, the Doctor will:
• review and discuss your updated health results from the body composition scales (which must be uploaded into the Doc’s APP by you)
• discuss your continued goals, progress, road blocks or any other issues that arise
• discuss any changes if necessary (i.e. prescribed meals / resistance training) to ensure that it continues to support your current chronic / health condition
• identify any other medical roadblocks like: mental specific health support services related referrals (i.e. if weight gain is related to anxiety or stress)

Step 6: Your final Doctor's consultation + reflection and achievement of goals!

Your final consultation with the Doctor will be at week 6. 

One of our dedicated team will contact you to book in your last consultation with your Doctor. At this consultation you will receive your final measurements and you will be able to compare your results from when you first started and discuss ongoing strategies that suit your lifestyle.

You will receive a Medical Award of Health Attainment as a record of your participation and to acknowledge your incredible commitment to the Doctor’s Kitchen Program and transformation to your health.

Even though you may have completed the program, you will continue to receive support in the way of with access to the Doctor’s Health & Weight Tracker APP to be able toallow you to continue to monitor your own health results from the scales, you can also access Doc Blogs, recipes and shopping lists, and access to our member care support team. You will also receive a once off upfront discount code if you decide that you would like to continue on the prescribed meals.

Do you have a question?

During the program you will be supported by our qualified patient care support team which you can contact at any time by email info@thedoctorskitchen.com.au or our nursing team directly on 0432 035 610 (by phone or SMS).

Frequently Asked Questions

How many meals will I receive on the Program?

You will receive calorie-controlled meals for 5 days out of 7 to help you achieve your health and weight goals for 6 weeks. Following your first Doctor’s consultation, a Lite n’ Easy dedicated consultant will contact you within 2 business days from your first Doctor's consultation to arrange the first available delivery of your calorie-controlled meals depending on your location. 

Can I swap out some of the meals?

As your meals are personalised to meet certain calorie requirements based on your Doctor's prescription, it is not recommended to swap out meals from the set menus ordered by your Lite n’ Easy consultant as this will alter the calorie count. Our dedicated partner, Lite n’ Easy, have over 250+ delicious meals to make your journey a wholesome and flavoursome one! If you have special dietary requirements, i.e., vegetarian this should be discussed at your first consultation with our nurse.

What if I live outside of Lite n' Easy's deliver areas?

Lite n’ Easy currently delivery to over 90% of the Australian population with their delivery areas are expanding weekly.

If you live in a remote rural area that falls outside of the Lite n’ Easy delivery postcode, you can still participate in the Program, supported by your fund without the prescribed meals. You will be referred to an accredited dietician who will contact you weekly to support your health journey, discuss the types of food that you should be eating, and provide you with the nutritional support and guidance required including the importance of portion sizes. The dietician will support give you the tools you need to support your health journey. 

You will receive a nurse phone assessment, the first, second and final Doctor’s consultation, medical award of health and continue to access all the program elements, including the Doctor’s APP, scales, recipes and have access to the Doc Blog.

What if I slip up on the program?

Remember: You Never Fail 

F.A.I.L means - First Attempt in Lifestyle-changes. 

The first step is to recognise that a slip up will happen at some stage in the process! It’s okay to slip up while you’re on the program, but the most important thing is to recognise that you have slipped up and remember why you started the program, to prevent it from happening again. Start afresh from your next meal and compensate by ensuring that you are following your daily resistance training workout plan and any additional exercise that you can fit in. If your slip ups become prolonged – we recommend reaching out to one of clinical team or speaking with the Doctor at the next consultation to discuss what options may be available to help further support you.

Is this a long term solution?

Throughout the Program doing it on your own for 2 days a week will help you make positive changes to your lifestyle, exercise and food habits. Doing it on your own for 2 days a week from the beginning, will help you keep the weight off long term and, in turn, improving your health benefits. This approach will assist in driving changes in patterns of eating to help you be the healthiest version of yourself.

What if I am not losing weight?

Having a plateau in your progress during a lifestyle change is a very common occurrence – so common you expect it happen at some stage in the program. If you're not getting your body in calorie deficit, you will not lose weight, so it is extremely important to follow your Doctor’s prescription for your meals to maximise your health goals. It is easy to underestimate how much to eat, so you may be eating more than you think – keeping a food diary can help identify these issues.

If you’re doing all the right things and following the Doctor’s orders and still not losing weight, that’s what our Doctors are here for. They are trained to help you though these situations - to help you reach your weight loss goals and get healthier. So, at your next check in with your Doctor, we recommend discussing this with them so that they can make the necessary changes to ensure that you are reaching your weight and health goals.  

Will the program help my current health condition or chronic disease?

The Doctor’s Health & Wellbeing program is designed to support any underlying lifestyle-based health condition that you may have with the support and guidance of trained Doctors. If you have a lifestyle-based condition (diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnoea, obesity, fatty liver, high blood pressure or cholesterol) our Doctors have the tools to help support your current health condition and to give you the best chance of success in transforming your health and improving your life.

Who can I speak with about the program, scales, Doctor consultations?

Your Doctor will be with you every step of the way. In between your Doctor consultations, you will be supported by our qualified patient care support team which you can contact at any time by email info@thedoctorskitchen.com.au or our nursing team on 0432 035 610.

Who can I speak with out my meals or meal order?

Our meal partner, Lite n’ Easy, have dedicated consultants that can assist you with any queries that you may have in relation to your meal order prescribed by the Doctor, delivery, suspending or cancelling your order. For all meal related queries, please contact Lite n’ Easy on 13 15 12.

What do I do if I want to pause or stop the program?

If during the course of the program, you do not want to continue the program, the doctor will first exhaust all avenues in relation in ensuring that you are supported in the best way possible, including but not limited to, a referral to a psychologist, dietician, treating GP, or their medical specialist. Where all avenues are exhausted and you still do not want to participate, the Doctor’s Kitchen Australia will arrange for your prescribed meals and any further Doctor’s appointments to be cancelled and the health fund will be notified with reasons. You need to let us know as soon as possible by emailing us on info@thedoctorskitchen.com.au if you do not wish to continue the program.