Our approach to nutrition and calorie controlled meal plan

The Doctor's Calorie Controlled Meal Plans

We recommend consulting with your local General Practitioner before making any changes to your diet or life or commencing any calorie controlled meal plan. 

The calorie controlled meal plans have been reviewed and approved by our Exeuctive Chef who is also a nutritionist and are available to all Australians without seeing a Doctor. They also form part of the Doctor prescribed weight loss meal program if you want who want to begin your journey to transform your health with one of our prescribing local General Practitioners.

The Doctor's Kitchen Australia offers three calorie controlled meal plans - 1000 calories, 1200 calories and 1500 calories per day. The purpose of providing this option to everyday Australians is to assist them to better understand what 1000 calories, 1200 calories and 1500 calories looks like in your own home using your own plates for portion size. Rather than have you buy the ingredients, cook your food, weigh and measure the individual components, we have taken this element out and have done the hard work for you for five days per week. Our calorie and portion controlled meals will help you have better control to stick to a healthier diet as they already portioned and allow you to plan ahead for the week rather than reach out for unhealthy meals instantly. We give you the tools you need to begin your lifestyle change and help you to put into practice your change of habits on the remaining days per week without the Doc's meals.

Each meal contains the nutritional information for you to view which are well balanced and nutritious.