We are a first for Australia.

Here at the Doctor’s Kitchen we believe food is medicine. What you eat significantly affects the process of your lifestyle change. Eating the right food and the right amount of food is the crucial element in maintaining a healthy weight.

If your focus is to fuel your body with nourishing food (and not specifically, weight loss or another health objective), you can order the Doc’s meals which are well-portioned and nutritionally complete (without seeing a doctor) online.

If you’re ready to lose weight with the Doc’s weight loss meals (which are calorie and portion controlled to you personally) or have a specific health objective, you need to book in online with one of our Doctors to get started.

Our Doctors do the maths (and work out the recommended calorie intake to reach your weight-loss or health goals) and our chefs cook up what our Doctors prescribe. The aim and focus of our team of experienced general practitioners is long term lifestyle modification, not quick fix weight loss which, we believe, is destined to fail. This helps ensure that your changes can be maintained by you in the long term.

To get started on the Doc’s weight loss meals, you can book in with our Doctors at our HQ at Carina or now at Rosalie Milton Clinic.# Click here to book in with a Doc.

At your appointment, our Doctors use body biometric testing, body composition testing and other necessary tests to work out your calorie intake. Read more to get started.

Any one of our menus (for example, the Doc’s Vegan menu), which can be viewed online here, can be portion and calorie controlled to you following a consultation with a Doctor. You can choose to enjoy the Doc’s weight loss meals for as long as you need depending on your weight and lifestyle goals.

You know what they say, the Doc knows best!

Bon appetit

Our Food

We are unique in that we offer a complete gluten free, dairy free, vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian menu which can be viewed online here. We also offer generously sized, superfood packed, healthy dinners for your family (which serve 4 people).

Each Doctor’s Kitchen meal is created around the science behind a whole-food diet. Our meals are designed with the perfect balance of protein, hydrating fresh produce and nutrient-dense superfood ingredients. And they’re always 100% GMO-free and packed full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fibre to help optimise your inner health and wellbeing. We’re also incredibly proud to create meals that steer clear of any preservatives, additives, artificial colours or flavours, trans-fats, added salt or sugars.

The Doc’s meals are designed to give you the nutrients you need to help maintain lean muscle, trigger metabolic functions in your body and keep your energy levels up.

The Doctor’s Kitchen meals may look beautiful, but what you aren’t seeing is the amount of love and care that goes into each dish. Before landing at your door, each meal has been especially designed by our expert chefs, dietitians and nutritionists to taste as good as it is for you.

We are unique in that we offer a complete gluten free, dairy free, vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian menu.

We source from local Australian farmers and growers, building relationships with the people who are responsible for nurturing and caring for the food that ends up in each Doctor’s Kitchen meal. Because at The Doctor’s Kitchen, we pride ourselves on bringing those meals straight to you, meaning we want to be sure we’re picking the ripest food for you while supporting the Australian community.

We tend to defer to Mother Nature, especially when it comes to fresh produce. The Doc’s menus are constantly changing, reflecting the produce that’s currently in season and making sure what you’re eating is not just as fresh as possible, but packed with flavour and nutritional value. The Doc’s meals are packed with super food nutrients and incorporate good sources of protein, fibre and iron, which are considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

We believe that eating a wholefood diet with a plant based focus is about more than just what you eat, but about how you eat it. This is why we offer various plant-based diets which can have tremendous benefits for the earth, from reducing our carbon footprint to preserving clean water sources. We strive to ensure that all aspects of The Doctor’s Kitchen, from the way we source food to our packaging, embodies that same ethos.

Occasionally our chefs may snap freeze certain meals to lock in nutrition and keep your food at it’s optimal freshness. However, we aim to provide you with as many fresh meals as practically possible.