The Doc's Personal Stylist

Refresh and reclaim your personal style + live your best life for 2020

Who would've thought... the Doc + the Stylist = the Doc's Personal Stylist! It's the perfect alliance for health and wellness from the inside, out.

Who is Cate Massi?

Cate believes feeling good on the inside goes hand in hand with feeling your best on the outside! It’s not about buying designer clothes to get a quick high, it's about feeling authentic and comfortable in your everyday wardrobe.
Cate will help you curate a wardrobe that represents the best you to give you the confidence you need to help you recognise just how far you've come on your weight loss or health journey with the Doc and take your motivation to new heights!

What does the Doc say?

If you're on a weight loss journey it's important now, more than ever, not to get stuck in your former reality. Some patients don't recognise just how far they've come when often their progress to date has been significant.

Why meet with Cate?

1. Think Fashion is Frivolous? When people are losing weight, there’s often a feat that they’re going to return to what they were, so they hold onto their old clothes. But, getting rid of your old wardrobe – even with just a few powerful inexpensive items will help you see how far you’ve come and that you’re moving forward in the best possible way.

2. The importance of style to recognise change! Demonstrating that you’re worth taking care of externally shows that you’re worth taking care of internally. So dress for you now. Don’t wait to feel good about yourself until you’ve reached your weight or health goals. Giving yourself more self love and appreciation means that you can give more love to those who matter most to you.

3. Practical low cost tips. Updating even a few key items can also be a powerful acknowledgment of just how far you've come on your journey. When looking for transitional pieces, you want to spend your dollars wisely. Cate can help you transform your existing wardrobe and help you build your thrifty-shopping skills to help boost your confidence. It's about what suits you best, not the price tag.

The diagnosis: stylist health check!

A health check with personal stylist, Cate Massi will give you an instant confidence boost and  Doc's personal stylist to help you reach your goals!

 (L to R: The results of Bianca, Jody and Candice after 4 weeks on the Doc's medical weight loss meals under the guidance of Dr Phillip Wuth and a transformational consult with Cate Massi).

Take some Doc-spiration from these transformational success stories including of Mark Scholz (lost 28.5kg, lost 15% body fat, and reversed his sleep apnea), Abby Coleman, HIT105FM (who lost over 5% body fat), Bianca Dye, 97.3FM, Gary Fairman (who lost 6% body fat, lost 10 kgs and shaved 20 years off his biological age), Bianca Nicholson (lost 4kgs), Jody Wright, and Kelly, are just a few of stories which highlight the significant 'body fat loss' and incredible improvements to health achieved with the Doc’s weight loss meals under a Doctor’s guidance.

Ready for your Personal Stylist Health Check?

If you're currently on the Doc's prescribed medical weight loss meals or ready to start re-boosting your confidence, you can book in with Cate Massi directly:

Ready to give back some Energy, love and joy to yourself!