Online Consultation
Australia Wide

No matter where you are in Australia, our Doctors can start you on the Doctor's prescribed weight loss meal program and help you lose weight and transform your life.


How the Online Consultations works?

To get started, we'll deliver the body composition scales to your home before your appointment so you and your doctor can understand your individual biometrics (body fat, visceral fat, and muscle mass, biological age) and your basal metabolic rate (the number of calories your body burns at rest). Your body composition results will enable the Doctor to recommend a calorie intake per day for the Doctor prescribed weight loss meals that will help accelerate your results. Telehealth consultations work the exact same as a face-to-face consultation. With the scales with you, you and your doctor will be able to understand your body composition, and talk confidentially about your individual results and goals. If your doctor prescribes you a medication, we can send your e-script to your email or via SMS. PLEASE NOTE: You will only be eligible for a Medicare rebate for your Telehealth appointments, if you have had a face-to-face appointment with us in the last 12 months (as stipulated by the Australian Government). If not, you will be out of pocket our full fees.

Results Chart

To record your body composition results at your initial consultation and at each follow up consultation with your Doctor

Healthy Range Chart

To help you determine if your individual biometrics fall in a healthy range and to understand your overall health.

The Doctor's APP

The Doctor’s APP is the ultimate companion to your weight loss success, from the comfort of your home, no matter where you are in Australia. At each consultation, you can enter your individual biometrics in the APP so you and your doctor can track your weight loss progress, check your progress and keep you accountable on your weight loss journey.

It will work for

The Doctor's prescribed weight loss program combines real GPs and the latest levels of biometric science and technology over 6 weeks to accelerate your weight loss success and optimise your journey to better health.



Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of a Doctor's consult online?

The cost of an online consultation is $130 which includes delivery of the body composition scales for your initial appointment with the Doctor and your two week follow up after which time it will be picked up. 

What happens after my appointment with the Doctor?

After your initial consultation, you will receive an email setting out the daily recommended calorie intake to begin the Doctor prescribed weight loss meals to place your order.  

How long should I be on the Doctor's prescribed weight loss meal program?

Depending on your weight loss and health goals depends on how long you want to continue on the program. We generally recommend the Doctor's prescribed weight loss meal program for 6 weeks. From the very first week you start putting into practice what you have been seeing, eating and living for 2 days a week to help make your changes permanent. This has significantly contributed to the success for our patients losing the fat and keeping it off long term.