The Doctor’s Kitchen prescribed weight loss meal program has expanded its network in Sydney

The Doctor’s Kitchen prescribed weight loss meal program has expanded its network in Sydney

 The Doctor's Kitchen, Australia's only medically prescribed weight loss meals for fat loss and metabolic health, has announced its expansion move across the country to make its program more available to people living in Sydney, New South Wales through a new partnership with one of Myhealth Medical Centres. Myhealth Medical Centres are Australia’s fastest growing medical centre group with over 100 medical centres across the country.

Dr Mohammed Hasan now offers the Doctor's prescribed weight loss meal program for fat loss in Sydney's west
Dr Mohammed Hasan, pictured, is the CMO of MyHealth Sydney West Region and a Local Partner of MyHealth Macarthur Square. 

“Dr Mohammed Hasan of Myhealth Medical Centre Macarthur Square is the first clinic in the Myhealth group in Sydney to bring our program on board and make it available to Sydneysiders – helping to bring our message of long term lifestyle change to the South,” The Doctor’s Kitchen founder, Dr Phillip Wuth said.

MyHealth Medical Centre at Macarthur Square in Sydney's South West now offers the prescribed weight loss program for fat lossMyHealth Medical Centre at Macarthur Square in Sydney's South West now offers the prescribed weight loss program for fat loss

“With easing of restrictions following pro-longed lockdowns, this expansion to the greater Sydney area means that more people across the country can access the weight loss program through a Doctor to improve their health and wellness.”

Dr Phillip Wuth, Founder and Australian Doctor of the Doctor's Kitchen AustraliaDr Phillip Wuth, a Brisbane based general practitioner, is the founder and head of the highly respected, The Doctor’s Kitchen.

“The availability of The Doctor’s Kitchen prescribed weight loss meal program through a Myhealth Medical Centre brings exponential opportunities for us to have a positive influence on the health and lifestyle of people in Sydney in a very unique and preventative way through a general practitioner. This collaboration means that people in Sydney will now be able to get greater access to this life changing program, to optimise and gain health, not just lose weight through their local doctor,” Dr Wuth explained.

Weight loss can improve overall health and reduces the risk of developing several chronic health conditions. Researchers found that losing 13 percent of your body weight cuts the chance of developing type 2 diabetes by almost 50 percent.

Dr Hasan holds a special interest in preventing chronic disease and holds additional qualifications which include Diploma in Child Health and Professional Certificate in Skin Cancer Medicine.

Dr Mohammed Hasan, pictured, at MyHealth Medical Centre at Macarthur Square.

“Weight management is clearly one of the best ways to control chronic conditions including diabetes and demonstrates the importance of investing in prevention to help people lose weight now, rather than waiting for them to develop severe complications down the line.” Dr Hasan said.

According to Dr Wuth, ready-to-eat calorie controlled meals based on a patient’s body composition are recommended by The Doctor’s Kitchen and sent to the patient each week.

Ready to eat calorie controlled meals are delivered next day to patients across Australia for weight lossReady to eat calorie controlled meals are delivered next day to patients across Australia for weight loss

“The key is to eat fewer calories than you expend and monitor your vital stats like your body fat and muscle mass. It is recommended that patients begin on the calorie controlled meals five days a week and prepare their own meals for two days of the week,” Dr Wuth continued.

 The Doctor’s prescribed program addresses this issue and now offers patients a tangible way to actively manage and monitor their weight and health for life.

“Rather than tracking your health through tape measures and ordinary scales, progress is measured through your individual biometrics and body composition results. Unlike ordinary scales that record only body weight, The Doctor's Kitchen prescribed program incorporates bio-impedance scales to measure patients which provides additional data such as body fat, abdominal fat, muscle mass and basal metabolic rate.

The Doctor's Prescribed weight loss meal program transforms your weight and healthMel Arndt, pictured, lost nearly 10kgs over 6 weeks using the Doctor's prescribed weight loss meals eating 1200 calories per day. 

“New research has found that these are the numbers that matter, and can be the key to losing weight and keeping it off.”

This year alone the business has rolled out several groundbreaking partnerships with Youfoodz and CUA Health Insurance.  The partnership with Youfoodz enables The Doctor’s Kitchen network of medical practitioners to prescribe customised low fat meals for patients. The partnership with CUA Health Insurance enables members to deduct part of the cost of their weight loss journey with The Doctor’s Kitchen through their health insurance.

 The Doctor’s Kitchen prescribed weight loss meal programs are managed by general practitioners and revolutionise health and fat loss in Australia by providing structured, measurable and medically controlled weight loss programs. If you are seeking to lose weight, struggling with your weight, or have a lifestyle-based condition, such as high visceral fat, diabetes, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnoea, obesity, fatty liver, high blood pressure or cholesterol, The Doctor’s Kitchen has the tools to achieve your weight loss, transform your health and improve your lifestyle. 

Offering regular consultations and meal plans, the program has helped thousands of Australia’s loose weight and improve their overall health and wellness.

Start now, it will work for you! Visit and book in with your nearest prescribing Doctor. 

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